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Do you want to schedule service for your Genesis luxury vehicle in Conroe? Whether you drive a G80, GV80, G90, or another model, our service time is available to provide much-needed assistance. A Genesis requires routine care and service, as noted in the owner's manual. Book online to save time. Just be sure to make the booking before too many weeks, or miles pass.

Services We Provide

Oil and Filter Changes

Have you looked at the owner's manual for the suggested mileage point for an oil change? Getting the oil changed on-time could help cut down on some unexpected issues, such as reduced fuel economy and more.

Worse, old oil might undermine the lubrication of engine parts. Degraded parts don't contribute to the long life of an engine. Even if wear-and-tear isn't severe, aged oil leads to sludge buildups inside the engine, which could cause other problems.

The filter won't last forever, either. If it is old, changing it could help with performance, as well. Another thing to consider when changing the oil involves choosing the appropriate viscosity level. When the seasons and temperature change in Houston, selecting the right viscosity level could deliver preferable results.

Battery Checks

Batteries last roughly three years in Spring TX conditions, but the lifespan could decrease due to manufacturer defects, exposure to extreme weather, and other issues. Allow our team to check for issues with the battery cells. If anything is wrong, we'll help with choosing and installing a new battery.

Battery trays and terminals sometimes benefit from a thorough cleaning. We could assist with those tasks, too.

Transmission Repairs and Fluid Changes

Transmission troubles could sometimes end up avoided by regularly changing or flushing the fluid. Dirty fluid may lead to problems, so replacing old fluid on time seems wise.

Other problems might occur, but rebuilding or replacing the transmission system may not be necessary. Allow one of our technicians to examine the transmission system to see what is wrong thoroughly.

Brake Service

Grinding and screeching noises don't reflect positive signs about Genesis' brakes. Getting the rotors, pads, calipers, cylinders, lines, and hoses checked at the first sign of trouble seems wise. So, does getting routine brake inspections performed even when problems aren't obvious. Keeping tabs on the brake system's parts and fluid provides drivers in Cypress, TX, with a chance to take action before serious problems arise.

Tire Inspections and Rotations

Replacing all four tires becomes unavoidable at some point. Proper care could extend their life by keeping tread depth from getting too low. Rotating the tires on schedule helps the cause and affords a chance for a thorough tire inspection. Are there leaks, bulges, blisters, or other issues? A technician could look at the tires to see if things are okay.

Wheel Alignments

Hitting a slight bump in the road in The Woodlands could knock wheels out of alignment, which leads to other problems, such as steering woes. Tire wear might become uneven, which may harm the treads. Thankfully, putting wheels back into proper alignment takes little effort at our Conroe service center. A team member could measure the wheel angles and, if necessary, restore them to the original factory settings.

Coolant and Other Fluid Changes

Timely coolant changes could prevent problems with the radiator down the line in Tomball. Coolant loses performance capabilities as it ages, meaning routine changes should follow the recommended time interval. Even if a change isn't due, regularly checking the levels seems advisable. Leaks may occur, bringing problems with them.

Keep an eye on other fluids, too. Let our team check and change the brake, differential, power steering, window washer, and other liquids.

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