Whether You're Planning to Finance or Lease a New Genesis Here in Conroe, TX, Options Abound

You've explored the extensive selection of new and pre-owned Genesis sedans and toured the gamut of used off-brand monikers here at Genesis of Conroe. Now, you've decided to make your own that standout model that's spoken to you.

You're probably wondering now whether financing with a new car loan or signing onto a new Genesis lease is right for you. Not to worry, however. Though what considerations to make can seem quite a lot to process, our Conroe, TX Genesis dealer is here to help you decide which course to take.

Leasing is Ideal for the Short Term

Perhaps you're not planning to own a new vehicle, preferring instead to step into a new driver's seat as your needs and tastes change. If so, leasing a new car with our Genesis dealership here in Conroe may be the choice for you. A lease is a short-term agreement, after all, often lasting just a few years, with a few wear and tear clauses, mileage limits, and lease termination and end obligations that apply when it expires. Plus, you'll find a lease's down and monthly payments often lower than those of the car financing option.

So, should you be budget-minded, and such terms are agreeable to you, sign on the dotted line and you're ready to take your new car off the lot. As a lease is temporary, it'll eventually expire, and when it does, you can avail yourself of one of a couple of choices: to renew it or return it to us here at Genesis of Conroe, fulfilling any parts of the agreement that remain. It's that easy.


Auto Financing Can Benefit You in the Long Run

Your other possibility is that of taking out an auto loan on a new vehicle, and that means purchasing it outright with financial assistance from our Conroe Genesis dealer's trusted network of lending professionals. Your car loan will carry with it an interest rate, which varies, and as for finding the right one for your preferences, our finance experts will be delighted to help. Make your monthly payments at the loan's full cost, and your vehicle's yours.

What's more, though a loan's down and monthly payments can sometimes be higher than on a lease, you can frequently take advantage of the option to extend a loan's terms. That means both the potential for a longer repayment period and possibly lower monthly costs. Factor in the fact that no mileage restrictions apply to a loan and that you can customize your new vehicle to personal specs, and you may find the auto financing option appealing.

For More Information, Get in Touch with Us Here at Genesis of Conroe

No matter which decision you make, we know it'll be an important one. That's why we're at your service should you have any questions concerning the loan and lease process for new cars in the Conroe, TX area. Don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales staff here at Genesis of Conroe, and as always, you have an open invitation to stop by our 1645 I-45 North Suite 400 Genesis showroom in Conroe for an in-person consultation. We look forward to making your shopping experience an exceptional one!