Will Genesis Make an SUV? Is That in the Works?

Great question, and we here at Wiesner Genesis have the answer. And if you love the Genesis luxury automaker and wish that there are plans for an upcoming SUV, then you certainly will be thrilled with the answer we are about to give you...

We are absolutely ecstatic that the brand has recently introduced the concept of the all-new Genesis GV80, the very first SUV model that they have ever made! With a current lineup consisting of all sleek, luxurious, sporty and high-tech sedans, the upcoming GV80 will fill the SUV-gap for Genesis.

The simple fact of the matter is that the world has yet to see a luxury-crossover SUV quite like the GV80 concept design, and this all-new vehicle is destined to impress and standout from its crowded segment. Take a look at the fascinating video below to better understand what we mean, and to discover just how creative designers were when creating this striking new automobile.

This is where classic, elegant luxury meets modern sports utility and versatility.

While information and details are still somewhat limited about this future model, below are some of the intriguing highlights that we know so far!

  • The Genesis GV80 will be powered by cutting-edge plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric technology in order to provide both an eco-friendly performance and SUV capability
  • The premium interior cabin will boast an extremely wide 22-inch curved digital display around the entire driver's instrument cluster
  • The center console runs through the whole length of the cabin too, creating four distinct and separate zones, and even passengers in the back seats have access to individual entertainment systems

We'll be sure to keep you posted with all of the updates regarding the upcoming Genesis GV80 as we receive them!

Will you be one of the lucky drivers to be among the first to test-drive this next-generation crossover SUV?

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