The Genesis Brand May Be the New Kid on the Block, But It Runs With the Big Dogs

For a long time now, drivers from Conroe, Spring, Cypress, and The Woodlands with more urbane proclivities have really had their options narrowed down to just a handful of manufacturers, most of which have been in the game for almost centures. That's not a knock on the old blood—there's a lot of be said of tradition, heritage, and lineage—but there's something to be said about trailblazing, innovation, and audacity, too, and that's what the Genesis brand brings to the luxury segment.



What Does the Genesis Brand Stand For?

Genesis means 'origin,' a beginning, and for the Genesis brand, it means starting anew, creating a luxury brand from the ground up, seeking success at home first, in Korea, and then conquering the larger world stage; it means progressive ideas, design, and innovation; it means being audacious, daring to dream big; and finally, it means being true to its own genesis, its own beginnings in Korea with a distinctly Korean design and philosophy. Here in Conroe, TX and for our neighbors in Spring, Cypress, and out there in The Woodlands, we're a long way from South Korea, but a little cultural exchange enriches us all.

Currently, Genesis fields two top-tier luxury sedans, the Genesis G80 and the flagship Genesis G90. Elegant, well proportioned, and bearing a decidedly Korean juxtaposition between elements of 'old' and 'new,' these fine luxury sedans are ideal for corporate fleets, government travel, and for those luxury-minded drivers with a penchant for excellence, for those who insist on only the best, but are daring enough to break the mold to find it. If that sounds like you, break free from tradition and challenge what you know about luxury driving by visiting us at Wiesner Genesis. In the end, there are really only two types of people anyway: those who dreamed and those who dared—which one will you be?

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