What Makes Genesis a Brand Apart Among Luxury Monikers?

The market for new luxury vehicles abounds with options seeking to stamp their own sigil on the premium drive. Under our winged emblem, however, behind elegant design lines sculpted to evince the archer drawing focus and power to the tip of his arrow, lies an experience altogether unique. Let fire the Genesis sedan excursion, and you'll see our automaker strikes true.

If we summed up the Genesis distinction in a turn of phrase, it would be so. Our manufacturer is dedicated to creating a refined expression of your individuality, mindful of your lifestyle, balancing your personal needs and expectations with a commitment to technological innovation. What's more, that cutting edge for which Genesis strives comprehends its entire luxury sedan experience, from performance and safety features to take you there to the creature comforts and amenities for the trip.

Our creed shows, to be sure, in the blend of performance and comfort into which our automaker pours its ingenuity, from its powertrains produced both smooth in acceleration and willing in response to its vehicle designs suiting aerodynamics impeccably to rear- and HTRAC all-wheel drivetrains. The vision persists in finished products that, on laying eyes upon stylish fascia and sleek curvature, you'll know to be built to last: advanced high-strength steel dovetails linear braking and a host of intelligent safety technologies for the height of protection on the road.

Step inside, and you'll find an interior intuitively designed for harmony that brings together elements as apparently disparate as button placement and tactile response to overall layout. The window to your driving world and the heart of your outing is a command center of smart connectivity, all ensconced in a cabin designed peaceful for the ride.

Of course, there aren't to mention the suite of benefits to which our Genesis owners have to look forward. Perks include complimentary scheduled maintenance and service valet support, 24/7 Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Genesis Connected Services, SiriusXM traffic and data connectivity, navigation system updates, and more.

On such counts, it seems no wonder that our brand received the highest quality ranking among luxury brands in the 2017 Initial Quality Study by J.D. Power, taking point from more than 77,000 surveyed owners and 189 evaluated models across 90 days of ownership. Eager to witness the Genesis difference for yourself? Take the short trip to 1645 I-45 North Suite 400 in Conroe, TX to visit us here at Wiesner Genesis, and we'll be delighted to give you the tour.

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